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Upcoming Trades

Table Information


Title Trade ID
Type String
Description ID of the GMTA Trade
Comment n/a
Example ES00101010
Unit N/A


Title Settlement date
Type Date
Description Settlement date
Comment Settlement date of the trade.
Example 2020-01-05T00:00:00
Unit N/A


Title Settlement period
Type Integer
Description Settlement period number that trade is delivered.
Comment A​ ​typical​ ​day​ ​is​ ​split​ ​into​ ​48​ ​30​ ​minute​ ​segments,​ ​starting​ ​from 00:00.​ Long​ ​days​ ​contain​ ​50​ ​segments,​ ​while​ ​shorter​ ​days​ ​contain 46 Settlement periods.
Example 10
Unit N/A


Title Average Volume
Type Float
Description Average volume of trade.
Comment A positve number represents the action increase generation /decrease demand or provide upwards margin; a negative number represents the action reducing genreation / increase demand or provide downwards margin. Value is rounded to up to 1 decimal place
Example 10.9
Unit MWh


Title Price
Type Float
Description Price of the Trade
Comment The value is rounded to up to 2 decimal places
Example 200.01
Unit £/MWh


Title Cost
Type Float
Description Cost of the Trade to National Grid ESO
Comment Cost = Price * Volume * Duration. The value is rounded to up to 2 decimal places
Example 38.57
Unit £


Title System Flag
Type String
Description The SO-Flag indicates whether or not the Action was potentially taken for reasons other than balancing the short-term energy imbalance of the Transmission System.
Comment SO_Flag = T (True) means the action is mainly for system security reason, SO_Flag = F (False) means the action is mainly for balancing reason
Example T,F
Unit N/A


Title Trade Reason
Type String
Description Detailed reason for the Trade
Comment This can be for voltage, thermal constraints, ROCOF, upwards margin or downwards reserve etc
Example V_SE_England/ROCOF
Unit N/A


Title Note
Type String
Description Notes or comments
Comment N/A
Example Trade approved for reason - XXX
Unit N/A


Title Last Updated
Type Date and Time, UTC format
Description Date and Time that the information has been last updated
Comment N/A
Example 2020-01-05T00:00:00
Unit N/A