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Historic GTMA (Grid Trade Master Agreement) Trades Data

Historic GTMA (Grid Trade Master Agreement) Trades Data


This dataset contains data for historic GTMA (Grid Trade Master Agreement) trades conducted since April 2015. The data includes the trade ID, start and end time and date, the volume in MW, the price in £/MWh and the total cost of the trade. The dataset will be updated on a monthly basis shortly after the start of the month, with the previous months data. Live data file is refreshed every morning to capture the trades occurred between D-1 06:00 and D 06:00, also includes corrections if any.

NOTE: ** Please be aware a new data file has been created using a automated approach on the 16/07/2021. Please contact us if you experience any issues with the new file.

We will be carrying our essential maintenance on the 2nd August between 4am to 7am. During this time the Data Portal will not be available to access data. This operation will improve the security and performance of the Data Portal. Apologies for any inconvenienced caused.

Additional Info

Field Value
Date Created 2020-12-09T16:48:04.840137
Rights National Grid ESO Open Data Licence
Status Live

Integrate this dataset using cURL

# Get a list of dataset's resources
curl -L -s https://data.nationalgrideso.com/trade-data/historic-gtma-grid-trade-master-agreement-trades-data/datapackage.json | grep path

# Get resources
curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/datastore/dump/11a2f532-a7ce-46f8-9d82-88b3289daa82 curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/8e511255-6cd7-41c0-868e-8d4d29bced0b/resource/8cf964b6-b94c-4d35-88f4-312834aa6e8c/download/gtma_trades_2021-22.csv curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/8e511255-6cd7-41c0-868e-8d4d29bced0b/resource/8e14ae8e-2091-4abc-a2e6-a4b82e5519ab/download/gtma_trades_2020-21.csv curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/8e511255-6cd7-41c0-868e-8d4d29bced0b/resource/6a03c415-475f-4005-bf55-b9108291c511/download/gtma_trades_2019-20.csv curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/8e511255-6cd7-41c0-868e-8d4d29bced0b/resource/58f3079a-1440-4a70-b227-f4e661defee7/download/gtma_trades_2018-19.csv curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/8e511255-6cd7-41c0-868e-8d4d29bced0b/resource/6f2772a4-ac7a-4eb7-a8ee-59ca6a03e205/download/gtma_trades_2017-18.csv curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/8e511255-6cd7-41c0-868e-8d4d29bced0b/resource/b24d619b-f6ea-41e6-87ab-569960594d3f/download/gtma_trades_2016-17.csv curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/8e511255-6cd7-41c0-868e-8d4d29bced0b/resource/bde33bcf-efc6-4e4a-bc7c-452b7424ea45/download/gtma_trades_2015-16.csv