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We trade power exchange contracts, forward energy, and balancing contracts to meet forecast energy requirements. All trading is in advance of the balancing mechanism. Data on past trading actions can be found here.

3 datasets found

  • Index Linked Contracted Energy Volume

    Volume data for reactive energy we have procured through Voltage Index Contracts (VIC). This data is split by fixed price and index-linked volumes and given on a per settlement period basis. ...

  • Super Stable Export Limit Contract Enactment

    Super Stable Export Limit (SEL) is utilised to directly decrease the sum of the minimum MW level or SEL of generators synchronized to the system by lowering the minimum generating level at a generator...

  • Upcoming Trades

    In order to meet forecast Electricity System Operator (ESO) balancing requirements at minimum cost, ESO trades energy-related products. This dataset displays all upcoming electricity trades due to be...