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Day Ahead Constraint Flows and Limits

Day Ahead Constraint Flows and Limits

Constraint Management

A snapshot of the limits and flows at relevant boundaries at day ahead stage. These flow values are true for when the measurement was taken and will not reflect any changes in the flows following the publication of this data.

Note: This datafeed is experimental and should not be relied upon. Whilst it has this status, updates may lag behind the original publishing location and it may not be updated as frequently. If in doubt please use the source location. Once the associated datafeed has been migrated to this site this message will be removed. The source data can be found here: https://www.nationalgrideso.com/balancing-data/system-constraints

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Day Ahead Constraint Flows and Limits csv a day ago Explore
Network Diagram England & Wales png 8 months ago Explore
Network Diagram Scotland png 8 months ago Explore

Additional Info

Field Value
Creator National Grid Electricity System Operator
Date Created 2019-11-05T09:54:30.463936
Rights National Grid ESO Open Data Licence

Integrate this dataset using cURL

# Get a list of dataset's resources
curl -L -s http://data.nationalgrideso.com/constraint-management/day-ahead-constraint-flows-and-limits/datapackage.json | grep path

# Get resources
curl -L http://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/cf3cbc92-2d5d-4c2b-bd29-e11a21070b26/resource/b64e50bb-68b9-4ee9-973a-43b88e4dd8ca/download/day-ahead-constraint-limit-and-flow-output-v1.4-3.csv curl -L http://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/cf3cbc92-2d5d-4c2b-bd29-e11a21070b26/resource/bb6d6ec6-16d9-4be5-b32c-1a70c09fd871/download/network-diagram-ew.png curl -L http://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/cf3cbc92-2d5d-4c2b-bd29-e11a21070b26/resource/c87b781d-2884-4196-aa40-45122c2a74a3/download/network-diagram-scotland.png