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Daily Balancing Cost Report (Balancing Services Use of System)

Daily Balancing Cost Report (Balancing Services Use of System)

Balancing Costs

The BSUoS charge recovers the cost of day-to-day operation of the transmission system. Generators and suppliers are liable for these charges, which are calculated daily as a flat tariff for all users. Historical values of these charges, on a daily basis, are provided here.

Note: For any historic Daily Balancing Cost data prior to 01/03/2020 please visit our National Grid ESO site at: https://www.nationalgrideso.com/balancing-data/system-balancing-reports

Disclaimer: Please be advised that there could be certain dates missing due to technical issues with the data. As the data becomes available the missing dates would be added to the relevant file.

Note: Due to technical issue with the data, there is currently a delay in the publication of the Daily Balancing Cost data. We are working hard to resolve the issue and reports will be issued in due course as the data becomes available.

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Creator National Grid Electricity System Operator
Date Created 2020-05-07T14:16:59.547870
Rights National Grid ESO Open Data Licence

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# Get a list of dataset's resources
curl -L -s http://data.nationalgrideso.com/balancing/daily-balancing-cost-report-balancing-services-use-of-system/datapackage.json | grep path

# Get resources
curl -L http://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/49655d66-ca76-48f9-8b84-11f2c9a1875d/resource/2a3cbfe4-1aba-43ae-b73b-3119fdcf964c/download/03-jun-20.zip curl -L http://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/49655d66-ca76-48f9-8b84-11f2c9a1875d/resource/ab1f951c-0850-41d4-ad28-1949ed4ceeb3/download/may-20.zip curl -L http://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/49655d66-ca76-48f9-8b84-11f2c9a1875d/resource/c9f23e15-e0b9-40e2-a894-02af855e53ce/download/01-mar-20.zip curl -L http://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/49655d66-ca76-48f9-8b84-11f2c9a1875d/resource/5bafb074-7d30-46d4-bfd4-7ba8590c73e5/download/01-apr-20.zip