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Table Information

Settlement Day

Title Settlement Day
Type date
Description The settlement date for which the BSUoS price is given.
Example 1/4/2017

Settlement Period

Title Settlement Period
Type integer
Description The 30 min period for which the half-hourly charge has been calculated.
Example 7

BSUoS Price (£/MWh Hour)

Title BSUoS Price (£/MWh Hour)
Type number
Description This is the flat tariff for system wide balancing which is then applied to each calculation for every BSUoS customer’s charge.
Example 2.62122
Unit (£/MWh Hour)

Half-hourly Charge

Title Half-hourly Charge
Type number
Description This half hourly charge is calculated by taking the BSUoS price for the settlement period and multiplying it by the volume of balancing services (MWh) provided in that period
Example 47674.58
Unit £

Total Daily BSUoS Charge

Title Total Daily BSUoS Charge
Type number
Description The sum of the half hourly charges for the whole day
Example 1946056.15
Unit £

Run Type

Title Run Type
Type string
Comment This run type will be that of the dataset – either II (Interim Initial), SF (Settlement Final) or RF (Reconciliation Final).
Example RF