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Current Balancing Services Use of System (BSUoS) Charges

Current Balancing Services Use of System (BSUoS) Charges

Balancing Costs

There is a file for each run type we calculate a BSUoS charge for - Interim Initial (II), Settlement Final (SF) and Reconciliation Final (RF). These are updated daily with the actual Half Hourly BSUoS price. Total costs and volume information by settlement period is also published here.

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Current RF BSUoS Data csv 18 hours ago Explore
Current II BSUoS Data csv 18 hours ago Explore
Current SF BSUoS Data csv 18 hours ago Explore

Additional Info

Field Value
Creator National Grid Electricity System Operator
Date Created 2020-01-14T09:56:26.884979
Rights National Grid ESO Open Data Licence
Update Frequency Daily (weekdays)

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# Get a list of dataset's resources
curl -L -s https://data.nationalgrideso.com/balancing/current-balancing-services-use-of-system-bsuos-data/datapackage.json | grep path

# Get resources
curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/d6a4bf54-c63f-4014-a716-49fd3878ca52/resource/26b0f410-27d4-448a-9437-45277818b838/download/current_rf_bsuos_data.csv curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/d6a4bf54-c63f-4014-a716-49fd3878ca52/resource/0eda5e28-1dc6-48da-8663-c00e12f2a1e2/download/current_ii_bsuos_data.csv curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/d6a4bf54-c63f-4014-a716-49fd3878ca52/resource/f0060fd0-1fc9-4288-a0b3-4af9b592b0cf/download/current_sf_bsuos_data.csv