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Balancing Services Charging Report (BCR)

Balancing Services Charging Report (BCR)

Balancing Costs

The Balancing Services Charging Report (BCR) provides a breakdown of the Balancing Services Use of System (BSUoS) charge. There is a BCR for each run type we calculate a BSUoS charge for - Interim Initial (II), Settlement Final (SF) and Reconciliation Final (RF). It is published each day that we invoice our BSUoS customers. The file is a zip file containing the report in PDF, PRT, DAT and CSV format. These files correspond to the BCRNEW files being published on the website.

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2022-06-29 BCR zip 16 hours ago Explore
2022-06-28 BCR zip 2 days ago Explore
2022-06-27 BCR zip 3 days ago Explore
2022-06-24 BCR zip 6 days ago Explore
2022-06-23 BCR zip 7 days ago Explore
2022-06-22 BCR zip 8 days ago Explore
2022-06-21 BCR zip 9 days ago Explore
2022-06-20 BCR zip 10 days ago Explore
2022-06-17 BCR zip 13 days ago Explore
2022-06-16 BCR zip 14 days ago Explore

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Creator National Grid Electricity System Operator
Date Created 2020-01-14T09:51:36.671691
Rights National Grid ESO Open Data Licence
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