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Balancing Services Charging Report (BCR)

Balancing Services Charging Report (BCR)

Balancing Costs

The Balancing Services Charging Report (BCR) provides a breakdown of the Balancing Services Use of System (BSUoS) charge. There is a BCR for each run type we calculate a BSUoS charge for - Interim Initial (II), Settlement Final (SF) and Reconciliation Final (RF). It is published each day that we invoice our BSUoS customers. The file is a zip file containing the report in PDF, PRT, DAT and CSV format. These files correspond to the BCRNEW files being published on the website. https://www.nationalgrideso.com/industry-information/charging/balancing-services-use-system-bsuos-charges

Note - We are updating and improving our financial systems, which includes moving to the latest SAP platform. The daily BSUoS billing process will be paused during the outage for up to 3 weeks. This means we will not be able to issue BSUoS invoices, collect payments or make payments during this period. We will resume the billing process once the outage ends and anticipate that we will catch up with all the affected billing runs by the end of July. Once the implementation plan is finalised, we will issue the updated billing/payment calendar next week to confirm the revised invoice dates and payment dates within the outage period.

We apologise in advance for the inconvenience it may cause to you and your business. We will try to minimise the interruption and return to normal service level as soon as possible, and will regularly update you of progress as we undertake this system change.

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2022-01-17 BCR zip 18 hours ago Explore
2022-01-14 BCR zip 4 days ago Explore
2022-01-13 BCR zip 5 days ago Explore
2022-01-12 BCR zip 6 days ago Explore
2022-01-11 BCR zip 7 days ago Explore
2022-01-10 BCR zip 8 days ago Explore
2022-01-07 BCR zip 11 days ago Explore
2022-01-06 BCR zip 12 days ago Explore
2022-01-05 BCR zip 13 days ago Explore
2022-01-04 BCR zip 14 days ago Explore

Additional Info

Field Value
Creator National Grid Electricity System Operator
Date Created 2020-01-14T09:51:36.671691
Rights National Grid ESO Open Data Licence
Update Frequency Daily (weekdays)

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# Get a list of dataset's resources
curl -L -s https://data.nationalgrideso.com/balancing/balancing-services-charging-report-bcr/datapackage.json | grep path

# Get resources
curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/b1883891-aa51-462a-9fb9-ad8cc2aa3468/resource/119caa8a-b027-419a-8c95-60ac52e4b6b2/download/2022-01-17-bcrnew.zip curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/b1883891-aa51-462a-9fb9-ad8cc2aa3468/resource/d51f28f1-ed51-4bd8-90ef-09104501032f/download/2022-01-14-bcrnew.zip curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/b1883891-aa51-462a-9fb9-ad8cc2aa3468/resource/be81a984-7c47-4abe-9413-c2466ac6af0e/download/2022-01-13-bcrnew.zip curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/b1883891-aa51-462a-9fb9-ad8cc2aa3468/resource/75edb901-eb4e-4ec4-92eb-10abb679348d/download/2022-01-12-bcrnew.zip curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/b1883891-aa51-462a-9fb9-ad8cc2aa3468/resource/c85dcbf0-a306-40a6-837b-84b804edb340/download/2022-01-11-bcrnew.zip curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/b1883891-aa51-462a-9fb9-ad8cc2aa3468/resource/49828764-bc96-4bbd-babd-87edff4470f4/download/2022-01-10-bcrnew.zip curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/b1883891-aa51-462a-9fb9-ad8cc2aa3468/resource/5328923e-7bd2-474a-bc7d-10e2ea64d14c/download/2022-01-07-bcrnew.zip curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/b1883891-aa51-462a-9fb9-ad8cc2aa3468/resource/d62a3052-704c-4f52-a55b-f98e574215b8/download/2022-01-06-bcrnew.zip curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/b1883891-aa51-462a-9fb9-ad8cc2aa3468/resource/e9174cb4-5931-4f72-bc00-a72181346c66/download/2022-01-05-bcrnew.zip curl -L https://data.nationalgrideso.com/backend/dataset/b1883891-aa51-462a-9fb9-ad8cc2aa3468/resource/457ccd5e-20cf-423f-9bf2-0cfe158f6695/download/2022-01-04-bcrnew.zip