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Obligatory Reactive Power Service (ORPS)

Obligatory Reactive Power Service (ORPS)

Ancillary Services

The obligatory reactive power service (ORPS) is the provision of varying reactive power output. At any given output generators may be requested to produce or absorb reactive power to help manage system voltages close to its point of connection. All generators covered by the requirements of the Grid Code are required to have the capability to provide reactive power. Provided here is data on utilisation (in MVarh) of this service per balancing mechanism unit and per month.

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Reactive Default Payment Rate July 2020 pdf 24 days ago Explore
Reactive Utilisation xlsx 4 days ago Explore
Obligatory Reactive Power Guide pdf 7 months ago Explore

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Creator National Grid Electricity System Operator
Date Created 2019-12-10T15:54:29.193193
Rights National Grid ESO Open Data Licence

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