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Dynamic Moderation Requirements

Dynamic Moderation Requirements

Ancillary Services

This dataset will contain our forecasted requirements for Dynamic Moderation. For an initial period, we will validate the performance of the products on the live system during which time the volume we can procure of this service will be capped at 100MW.

To support the development of the market whilst also capturing sufficient data regarding performance, our requirement is expected to be around 80MW (with up to 20MW overholding) at most times throughout this period. However, to fully validate the services there will be occasions when the requirement for one or all of the services will be 0MW or reduced (e.g. to test Dynamic Moderation without Dynamic Regulation) and this will be signaled with as much notice as possible through updates to this dataset and via supporting communicating channels (such as the operational transparency forum and the Future of Balancing newsletter)

Further information regarding requirements and transition to our new services can be found in the ESO Frequency Response Requirements Update – February 2022

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