About the ESO Data Portal

Open data from Great Britain’s Electricity System Operator

ESO Data Transformation

The digitalisation of the energy system is key to capturing the benefits of the low carbon energy transition for consumers. As digitalisation continues to expand, the availability of quality data will be essential to developing new markets and empowering efficient decision-making, and as one of the main custodians of energy data in the UK, the ESO will play a central role in fulfilling its potential. 

A wide range of stakeholders including generators, service providers and suppliers have told us that where our data was previously published, its aggregated nature, format and structure often has made it difficult to reuse or manipulate. It was also frequently insufficient and difficult to locate, leading to inefficiencies and frustration. Stakeholders have asked for ‘one source of the truth’ and a one-stop-shop to access all the data that we publish. 

Through the Electricity System Operator Data Portal, we are transforming the experience of consumers of our data by:

– Building a centralised repository for published ESO data

– Offering intuitive and powerful ways to discover, search and query our data

– Implementing data quality and metadata standards to datasets

– Providing a channel for consumers of our data to engage with us

Where are we now?

We have built our Data Portal using CKAN (Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network), which is the world’s leading open-source data management platform.

Our initial focus is on providing a clear and intuitive user interface, with much-improved navigation and search features and the capability to provide rich metadata with each dataset.  Whilst offering a powerful Application Programming Interface (API) for all suitable datasets, as well as on-screen visualization and data manipulation tools for external users, to support the understanding of our data.

What’s next?

We are currently migrating data feeds from current publication locations, to publish directly to the Data Portal. Where the datasets we publish are not in a machine-readable format, we will work to provide this data in a format that can be consumed via the API. We will prioritise these changes according to the feedback from users of our data.

We are also planning further development sprints to add additional features to the portal, which will be informed by ongoing engagement sessions.

How can I get involved?

We are keen to engage with consumers of our data to understand your needs and ideas, to help inform future developments to the Data Portal and to support identification and prioritisation of new datasets.

We have already undertaken a number of engagement sessions, if you have any feedback on the site or wish to be involved in a future session, please contact us at box.OpenData.ESO@nationalgrideso.com